Alexika - Comfort in Details

International Company Alexika Sport Group was founded in 1995 in Portland, Oregon, USA. The group of friends who devoted their whole lives to travelling and mountaineering started to develop equipment for their own needs. The models appeared to be very interesting for other alpinists and using its huge experience the company presented its first collection of extreme sleeping bags and tents.

As the business developed became clear that durability and comfort are of a great importance for trekking and camping. For this reason the concept of Alexika company is “Alexika – comfort in details”. Being one of the leading suppliers of the tourist equipment (tents, sleeping bags and matrasses) on the market, the company uses only high quality materials, combining solidity with the functional design.


12.09.2014 Sleeping bags Delta, Delta Compact and the mat Expert were tested during the trekking tour in Svaneti, Georgia. Find out more here.

12.02.2014 ALEXIKA supports 2 young people, Pascal and Matias. For the summer 2014 they plan a motrbike tour (6200 km) with Suzuki DR 600 and BMW F800GS through Ost Europa to Kosovo. Alexika provides tent Scout 3, sleeping bags Megalight and Travel . To find more information, press here: "It's our way: Black Sea 2014"


Alexika Traveler Club. Impressions.

We are looking for the globetrotters who want to share their stories with us. To make your tour safe and comfortable we’ll approach it individually and consider your desires and needs. The equipment plays the key role during the trip and has to fulfill its functions smoothly.