Expedition to Kamchatka 2013. Overcoming.








 Kamchatka is a peninsula situated in the northeast of Russian Federation. Traveling to Kamchatka is the cherished dream of many people. Rich flora and fauna, volcanoes, rivers and lakes and the ocean nearby attract hundreds of travelers and tourists. In 2013 the dream of students from Petrozavodsk state university came true. Having passed selection competitions and having spent 1 year preparing for a trip, 20 participants including several disabled students went to Kamchatka.

Alexika became the equipment sponsor of expedition, having provided participants of expedition with extreme tent for survival in the most unpredictable environment.

Kamchatka.  National reserve is so peaceful and beautiful, unusual and calling that lots of travelers dreams of visiting it. This year dream came true for students of Petrozavodsk University.

Unique expedition organized by Petrozavodsk university gave the chance not only to participants to make unforgettable travel and to overcome oneself, fears and worries, but also inspired many travelers on new openings. Students courageously travelled to the other end of Russia to better understand themselves,   overcome difficulties and enjoy camp life. Their story is very indicative and shows that there is nothing impossible. So, having overcome hundreds and thousands kilometers by train, plane and helicopter participants of expedition stepped on land of Kamchatka.

Being thousands kilometers far from home young tourists faced not only marvelous nature, but also tests during which many checked their strength and stamina. Participants of expedition found themselves out of "a comfort zone" and proved to themselves that they can do many things: raft successfully fast mountain river, rise to the top of a volcano and glance in its muzzle without fear, walk many kilometers of mixed ground with heavy backpack and survive far from civilization, in the wilderness so close to wild animals. Life in tents on the river bank, fully autonomous and even austere for many participants of expedition became the first time experience. And, probably, this experience will be one of the brightest in their lives.

Expedition was preceded by year of strengthened preparation. Within 12 months future travelers trained in the gym and pool, went hiking across Karelia and studied basics of surviving outdoors.

At the bottom of one of extinct Kamchatka volcanoes, students of Petrozavodsk University had quick climbing lesson: they learned to pass glaciers, work with ice axe. In total participants passed about 100 km walking by foot. Students climbed volcanoes Gorely and Mutnovsky. Their way to volcanoes laid through narrow tracks: any step aside could turn into falling in abyss. For travelers this expedition became the real test: temperatures reached +38 C in the afternoon, the road ran through snow, glaciers, mountains and a cross-country terrain. Nevertheless, participants of expedition didn't forget to carry out a task received from university faculty and collected samples of rocks, actively investigated and studied surrounding flora and fauna.

In total participants of expedition spent 3 weeks on Kamchatka, including the whole week during which they lived on the bank of the mountain river in tents, including Alexika Matrix 3. Students caught fish in the river, visited some hot thermal springs, learned to frighten off wild animals, including bears who also came to the river to fish. In conclusion of the trip the whole group went on the boat to the open ocean once again to look at Kamchatka from the Pacific Ocean.

Having come back home, to Petrozavodsk, participants of expedition admitted that "expedition helped them to believe in themselves and realize their strength and opportunities".