Tent Super Light 2 Plus in hike tour in North Baikal ridge.

Report from Alexey Vladimirov, Alena Moiseeva, Ilia Edemskii


Our group of three people have used the tent Super Light 2 Plus in our hike tour in North Baikal ridge.

Route conditions

It was planed to mountaineer highest peak of the ridge (Cherskii mountain, 2588 m) and get through several passes (with overnight stop). The overall time planned for hike was14-18 days. Although, the North Baikal ridge is not high (prevalent height 1900-2000 m), it is known by its harsh conditions: the timberline is 1000-1200 m, several glaciers, generally north climate and high avalanche probability. In addition, there is no strick connection to the inhabited ares.

Our group have not realized the plan of hike because on unexpected bed weather. It was no single(!) day without rain(under timberline), or snow(over timberline), several times it was storm (about 10-14 m/sec). The tent had shown itself very good.





By incident, our photo-camera fall during mountaineering and was bury in talus. That is why I can not show any photos of the tent from this particular hike. However, after this hike we visit the South Baikal and made several photos of the tent (but in more auspicious conditions). I have attached these photos in archive to the letter. 

Also I promise to send more photos from the later hiking, which will take a place this winter.


Usage of the tent

The tent is designed for two persons but have used for three persons without great problems. We have placed the tent in different conditions such as: forest, stones, snow. Several times there was not enough flat space and the tent was placed with cut tambours. The weather conditions was rather extreme: very days precipitation. Only one we managed to to dry the tent completely (outside and inside tents).



The tent Super Light 2 Plus is an excellent tent. It is roomy enough for 3 persons and two tambours, at that it weights only 3 kilos. The waterproof characteristics are excellent as well as the ventilation system. It is shows its best during the wet-snow storm without any additional protection. The tent is fast enough to set but relatively exacting to the place: there should be enough space for wings. The quality of making and the material of the tent is beyond all praise. We also like some excellent solutions which we did not meet on other tents, such as: the straps between poles (for layers touch-protection) and fixation of the ”skirt”.

We are thankful Alexika for the granting the tent.